VIP ‘Tear my heart in two’ music video group


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

The private VIP group is open now and the screening will be Sunday at 7pm Brisbane AEST within the VIP group only.

The rest of the world don’t get to see this offical video or even hear the song for another month!!!

All my release events have previously been priced at $89 a ticket. And $100 for VIP

Because I am doing this special event ONLINE I don’t have the overhead costs of venue hire this time! Which means I can make it WAY cheaper.

I still gotta charge though right? 😉 I mean after all, VIP is VIP for a reason 😋

Because I want to make this special event available to everyone, I’m not charging $50... which is my usual VIP profit at events per person.

I thought about charging $20 which is what you pay for a VIP ticket to the cinema... and like this music video is way more exclusive than gold class haha...

But I decided in the end... $10 should do it. Because right now 10 is my favourite number ARENT YOU LUCKY 🍀 

Can’t wait for this!!!